Sunday, 6 July 2014

Work Experience

My son Isaac is 1/2 way through a 2 week stint of work experience at an Investment Bank in the City.

As a year 10 school pupil he is discovering the real world:
The daily commute to Liverpool Street - he can tell me all the news each evening after digesting the Metro.
The importance of tools - he had no computer the first day but now has 2 screens on his desk.
The need to refuel - he gets back starving and we have to be sat down eating our dinner within 10 minutes of his arrival home.
The essential role of team work - as they all went out for a 2 hour lunch on Friday.

Isaac has thrown himself into the working world - even phoned me on Monday to say he would be late home - as we was going out for a drinks with the others from the office - to attend a colleagues leaving do! I love his commitment - whatever you do this week - go for it 100%!

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