Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Under Prepared....

Last Saturday morning Nicky dropped me off in Paddington at 6:20am so I could find my way to the start of the Grand Union Challenge

3 months ago when I signed up it seemed like a good idea but when I arrived I felt I was severely under prepared. The guy I tried to casually chat to as we were attaching our race numbers, informed me that he had done 3 marathons in 3 days to get ready for this epic adventure. He shook his head bemused when I told him that I had done 2 park runs in January! I realised everyone else seemed to have a bag, wet weather gear, vaseline..... I had 4 bottles attached to my belt and 2 mar bars in my pocket!

Doubts rose up.... why was I at the start line rather than with my wife - who had tickets for Centre Court at Wimbledon?!

I was beginning to wish that I had spent longer getting ready
I realised I should have done other races to get me fit
I should have brought more expensive gear!

419 people were attempting to cover the 100km that day..... I think 418 may have been better prepared than me!

What have you attempted that you felt under prepared for?


  1. So how did you do? Can't believe anyone wants to attempt 100km!

  2. I cant believe you neglected to say you were the first runner home by over 45 minutes. Well done fella - an outstanding result.

    I am now considering following your example and be under prepared for all my future fitness challenges!!!