Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Tour De France

One of the reasons I enjoy being in London is that so many things happen here!

Yesterday I was up on the streets of the capital to cheer on the Tour de France.

It was brilliant to be with Adam James and a crowd of others. Lets be honest just Adams packed lunch made the event worthwhile: he had a cool box crammed with cheese, ham, red wine, sweets, bread..... certainly put my meal deal from Sainsbury's in the shade.

The carnival that preceded the cyclists was fun and fast..... Mark Sibuns got smacked round the head by a pack of Haribo's! Adam won the most... hat, water, cycle band..... he has attended these events before and knows where to stand.

The peloton flew by us in seconds even though we had been waiting for hours but it was all well worth it:)

So love living in the city!

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