Thursday, 3 July 2014

How the story ends...

OK - so I started blogging about my 100km challenge yesterday and never told you if I finished.... a ploy to get you back:)

I was delighted to run to 75km.... until the path was so muddy and full of walkers ... that I had to walk myself for approx 1km. After a cup of tea and banana I managed to run to the 90km rest stop.

I ended up walking 3 of the last 10km.... it was tough getting to the 100km mark to realise that the race continued for another 1.5km:(

I did jog round the corner when I saw the finish line.

I was given a bottle of champagne for being the 1st runner to complete the course.... my official time was 9hours and 48minutes!!
I waited almost and hour to be picked up and the next runner had not crossed the line..... why am I still so competitive???
Sadly the photographer had still not arrived by the time I left and my phone battery had died so there are no pictures..... but I have a medal and sore legs to prove I did it!!!

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