Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Nations

I love living in Ealing - it is so diverse - there are 172 nationalities that reside here!

I so enjoy that Redeemer is made up from people from around the world:)

On Sunday we celebrated together this with a  wonderful meeting.... singing and praying in many different languages. We also got to tuck into food from a variety of cultures.

Although we are still a very young church it has been great already to commit money to Amsterdam, Ukraine and Turkey. We have also had a family move from us to join the church plant in Stockholm.
We look forward to impacting other nations in the future.

Whoever you are, wherever you are from - you are welcome to come and join us - Ealing Town Hall 10:30am.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

It gets better and better

I have several friends who are expecting their first child..... I look back with such fond memories of becoming a dad.

I remember creeping into Josh's bedroom whilst he was sleeping and picking him up for a cuddle. I would just sit there and snuggle up to the amazing bundle of my son. Sometimes I would be reduced to tears at the joy and privilege of being a Father. Happy Days!

To all the new parents out there I would like to say - it gets Better & Better!

My oldest boy is now 18 and there is so much more that we can experience together. I love us having lunch as both at home during the day, I love all his energy & support for the church. Just this month Josh & I have ventured out to Ealing Beer Festival, Ealing Comedy night and the cinema to see Planet of the Apes. 

Who knows what else we will enjoy together in the future!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Leadership Gold

Over the years I have benefitted so much from the wisdom and teaching of John Maxwell.

I have read more than a dozen of his books, watch his daily Word for the Day and attended his Million Leaders mandate course.... all brilliant!

He is a remarkable man who appears genuinely interested in people and helping everyone to win.

At present I am reading his book: Leadership Gold and am worried that I will wear my pencil out before I finish - there is so much helpful material that I underline - on every page! If you are a leader - and everyone is - then I encourage you to read the book.

I am also booked into a day in October where Maxwell will be speaking via a live link - why not come along?
L2 - Learn - Lead

Friday, 11 July 2014

Its good to celebrate!

I love the idea: Celebrate what you want to see more of!
It is infectious and inspiring to be around folk who are thankful and grateful. I notice several on face book who are challenging themselves to share at least 3 things each day that they are positive about.

I really appreciate the way that Twyford have helped my son to celebrate completing sixth form and the start of the next chapter of his life: post school. A black tie event, at a really nice West London hotel, where the staff and students could mix over great food and drinks.  A chance to  remember the good times and wish each other well for the future.

When I was a teenager all we did was crank up the ghetto blaster and try and shuffle to Kool & the Gang - 'Celebrate Good Times'.

I definitely think things are changing for the better!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Tour De France

One of the reasons I enjoy being in London is that so many things happen here!

Yesterday I was up on the streets of the capital to cheer on the Tour de France.

It was brilliant to be with Adam James and a crowd of others. Lets be honest just Adams packed lunch made the event worthwhile: he had a cool box crammed with cheese, ham, red wine, sweets, bread..... certainly put my meal deal from Sainsbury's in the shade.

The carnival that preceded the cyclists was fun and fast..... Mark Sibuns got smacked round the head by a pack of Haribo's! Adam won the most... hat, water, cycle band..... he has attended these events before and knows where to stand.

The peloton flew by us in seconds even though we had been waiting for hours but it was all well worth it:)

So love living in the city!

Sunday, 6 July 2014

Work Experience

My son Isaac is 1/2 way through a 2 week stint of work experience at an Investment Bank in the City.

As a year 10 school pupil he is discovering the real world:
The daily commute to Liverpool Street - he can tell me all the news each evening after digesting the Metro.
The importance of tools - he had no computer the first day but now has 2 screens on his desk.
The need to refuel - he gets back starving and we have to be sat down eating our dinner within 10 minutes of his arrival home.
The essential role of team work - as they all went out for a 2 hour lunch on Friday.

Isaac has thrown himself into the working world - even phoned me on Monday to say he would be late home - as we was going out for a drinks with the others from the office - to attend a colleagues leaving do! I love his commitment - whatever you do this week - go for it 100%!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

How the story ends...

OK - so I started blogging about my 100km challenge yesterday and never told you if I finished.... a ploy to get you back:)

I was delighted to run to 75km.... until the path was so muddy and full of walkers ... that I had to walk myself for approx 1km. After a cup of tea and banana I managed to run to the 90km rest stop.

I ended up walking 3 of the last 10km.... it was tough getting to the 100km mark to realise that the race continued for another 1.5km:(

I did jog round the corner when I saw the finish line.

I was given a bottle of champagne for being the 1st runner to complete the course.... my official time was 9hours and 48minutes!!
I waited almost and hour to be picked up and the next runner had not crossed the line..... why am I still so competitive???
Sadly the photographer had still not arrived by the time I left and my phone battery had died so there are no pictures..... but I have a medal and sore legs to prove I did it!!!

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Under Prepared....

Last Saturday morning Nicky dropped me off in Paddington at 6:20am so I could find my way to the start of the Grand Union Challenge

3 months ago when I signed up it seemed like a good idea but when I arrived I felt I was severely under prepared. The guy I tried to casually chat to as we were attaching our race numbers, informed me that he had done 3 marathons in 3 days to get ready for this epic adventure. He shook his head bemused when I told him that I had done 2 park runs in January! I realised everyone else seemed to have a bag, wet weather gear, vaseline..... I had 4 bottles attached to my belt and 2 mar bars in my pocket!

Doubts rose up.... why was I at the start line rather than with my wife - who had tickets for Centre Court at Wimbledon?!

I was beginning to wish that I had spent longer getting ready
I realised I should have done other races to get me fit
I should have brought more expensive gear!

419 people were attempting to cover the 100km that day..... I think 418 may have been better prepared than me!

What have you attempted that you felt under prepared for?