Friday, 13 June 2014

Losing my bottle

I have only 2 weeks now until I attempt my 100km run.... gulp!

I am trying not to cram in too many miles, just keep healthy and ready for the day. On each occasion I pull on my trainers, I now wear the kit I will use on Saturday 28th June. I am also filling and taking a water bottle in a running belt. I aim to get used to everything ready for the 7:20am start I have been assigned on the day.

Yet last night things did not go as planned:(

The drink bottle kept bouncing up and working its way out of the holder. I kept pushing it back into place but twice it managed to escape and landed on the towpath beside the canal - I kept losing my bottle! (I even had to run back and find it on one occasion)

In life many of us can make great plans, and put in lots of practise but it can be too easy at the last minute for us to 'lose our bottle' and stop.
Whatever you are doing - keep going! Press on! Don't quit!

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  1. Technically you are losing my bottle but I get your point!