Tuesday, 3 June 2014

John Wesley

On Monday this week I had the joy of visiting the Wesley Chapel in London, with Evan Rogers!

The Church building was established by John Wesley towards the end of his life. Services were held every morning at 5am. I loved seeing the way the pews had been developed so that more seats could be added to the end of the rows to enable the church building to be rammed with people.

It was incredible to learn that at that time the Methodist's owned 4 ships that sailed the world spreading the good news about Jesus. So wonderful to discover that John was so concerned about the poor living local to him that he developed the first free pharmacy in London.

I found it fascinating to watch the video describing the radical life of John Wesley. He was so committed to learning that he read whilst riding a horse. Later in life he developed the ability to write whilst travelling by a horse drawn carriage. He woke every morning at 4am to spend time with God and went to bed every night at 9pm!

I hope that the visit did not just enlighten me for a day but will bear fruit in my life! I would love to be known as a guy who cares for the poor, builds thriving local churches, reaches out to those who do not know the good news of Jesus and makes the most of the time God gives me!

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