Friday, 23 May 2014

New Season

I know it is a sign that I am getting old..... but life does seems to be going fast..... and there are always an end of one stage and the start of another....

This week my oldest son has finished school (just got to go back and sit his A levels)

We also went to the Polling Station on Thursday as he cast his first vote. (I am impressed by his maturity: on the way he knew who he was going to vote for and I was still trying to make up my mind!)

This new season means I will soon have my child benefit for him stopped.

This new season means an end to free prescriptions and dental treatment.

This new season means he will no longer get given an oyster card from Boris.

This new season means I can soon start to charge him rent!!

For many 'change is considered loss' but I love each new season and look forward to the memories and experiences we will share together as Father & Son.

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