Saturday, 17 May 2014


It was Isaac's birthday on Wednesday and as he was off "revising" we enjoyed chocolate bars at 11 o'clock!

Despite it being his special day - I managed to win a free chocolate bar with my confectionery wrapper:) (Looking back I should have offered him the prize....d'oh)

After signing up on line I have printed out the A4 coupon - as in colour it may have cost more than the winnings. I am looking forward to claiming my reward and am sure the chocolate will taste even better knowing that it is free: it is Cadburys!

Having said all that I am not sure I would describe my feelings as 'Joyful Jubilation's!'

In a world where 200 school girls are dragged from their school and where a woman is condemned to be killed because she married a Christian, chocolate is a pleasant moment, but pure joy would be to see justice done and freedom won in these horrible situations.

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