Friday, 30 May 2014

Shin Splints!

When pushing to achieve it is tempting to press right up to the edge and occasionally go too far!

After a 15 mile run on Wednesday I am suffering from painful shin splints.

I limped around Wednesday evening and have spent some time with frozen runner beans (still in the packet) balanced on my left leg. I am resting and getting cross.

I know I must listen to my body - but I have now missed 2 runs from my schedule and am wondering when I will be back to running at all:(

I have never been one to sit and watch from the sidelines.

Biblically I appreciate the importance of a day of rest..... a chance to pause and realise that we are not indispensable, instead we are to trust our Father in heaven!

Still, please pray that I recover - quickly!!!

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Evan Rogers

I am thrilled and excited about this coming weekend when we have Evan Rogers coming to be with Redeemer Church London!

Evan is a passionate, international worship leader who I believe will impart many great things that we will benefit from and grow in over the coming weeks, months & years!

He is staying at our house, having a session with the musicians, speaking on Sunday and leading a time of worship... as well as meeting with the worship leaders. (we like to get our moneys worth:))

If you are in London - feel free to come and join us on Sunday 1st June at Ealing Town hall 10:30am.

Friday, 23 May 2014

New Season

I know it is a sign that I am getting old..... but life does seems to be going fast..... and there are always an end of one stage and the start of another....

This week my oldest son has finished school (just got to go back and sit his A levels)

We also went to the Polling Station on Thursday as he cast his first vote. (I am impressed by his maturity: on the way he knew who he was going to vote for and I was still trying to make up my mind!)

This new season means I will soon have my child benefit for him stopped.

This new season means an end to free prescriptions and dental treatment.

This new season means he will no longer get given an oyster card from Boris.

This new season means I can soon start to charge him rent!!

For many 'change is considered loss' but I love each new season and look forward to the memories and experiences we will share together as Father & Son.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hitting the Wall

Yesterday as part of the preparations for  my June ultra-marathon (golly that is next month!) I tried to do a long run in the heat...... not a good idea:(
Despite thinking that I had eaten and drunk plenty before kicking off, my body told me otherwise: I slowed down and dreamt of phoning Nicky to pick me up.

In the end I managed to find a cafe that generously  gave me a free drink of water; whilst the lady wasn't looking I even slipped behind the counter and grabbed a second.

I shuffled home .... I am not expecting sympathy I know this is self inflicted.... but my good wife was concerned. (Mind you I still and to run my own bath)

I was fine by the evening and we even went out for dinner:)

Did make me think..... sometimes we try and keep running through life, relentless pace, no time for rest, relaxation and enjoyment. We cut back on the hours we allow ourselves to sleep and we miss our time with God each day. Physically, emotionally and spiritually people end up hitting the wall.

I learnt yesterday that it is vital to stop and take on water. Are you caring for yourself in life so that you can keep going for the long haul?

Saturday, 17 May 2014


It was Isaac's birthday on Wednesday and as he was off "revising" we enjoyed chocolate bars at 11 o'clock!

Despite it being his special day - I managed to win a free chocolate bar with my confectionery wrapper:) (Looking back I should have offered him the prize....d'oh)

After signing up on line I have printed out the A4 coupon - as in colour it may have cost more than the winnings. I am looking forward to claiming my reward and am sure the chocolate will taste even better knowing that it is free: it is Cadburys!

Having said all that I am not sure I would describe my feelings as 'Joyful Jubilation's!'

In a world where 200 school girls are dragged from their school and where a woman is condemned to be killed because she married a Christian, chocolate is a pleasant moment, but pure joy would be to see justice done and freedom won in these horrible situations.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Royal Visit

I have always enjoyed learning about the history of the place where I live and am fascinated by some things I have discovered about the past of Hanwell.

I know that one of the last Isambard Brunel's incredible feat of engineering is local: the three bridges - a road, over a canal, over a railway line!

I have also found out that one of Brunel's first building projects is in the area: Hanwell Viaduct. Apparently Queen Victoria so liked  the view from the train, that when travelling across this stretch of railway line, the driver was instructed to stop the locomotive so her highness could admire the scenery (that was before Ealing Hospital was built!)

Amazing to know that a Royal wanted to see Ealing.
I still believe that the One who reigns longs to visit the place: The King of Kings delights to meet His people at Ealing Town Hall each Sunday morning!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Dr Neil

As a church we have committed to running our 1st Freedom in Christ Course.

I am pleased to have booked a venue for 13 Wednesday nights in Ealing. (Haven Green Baptist Church)

I am delighted that all the ordered materials are at my house, ready & waiting.

I am thrilled that I have speakers lined up for every evening.

I found the recent days training at City Temple Church in London very helpful.

I have so benefited from reading through the book 'Discipleship Counselling' by Dr Neil T Anderson. I'll be honest and say I struggled to get into it when I began but now am finding such helpful nuggets in every chapter. I am very grateful to Neil Anderson and the wonderful material he has produced!

There is still time to book in - why not join us and Encounter God!