Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Barbarian Way

Sometimes you look back on life and realise that there was defining moment.

For me some years ago I attended the Willow Creek Leadership conference in Chicago. I was amazed and fortunate to hear Erwin McManus give a talk entitled: 'The Barbarian Way out of Civilisation.' I laughed. I cried. I begged God that I will never forget the lesson. I hope that my life will be have been totally changed as a result.

When I got home I purchased the talk on CD..... I listened so often I almost knew the sermon word for word.

The book came out and I read it.

The DVD came out and I got hold of a copy. I have given countless copies of the DVD away.

I sit with friends and make them watch. I try and watch this message every year. I aim to watch it this evening.

If you have never heard the talk - I urge you to do so.

I must just give you a health warning - It may seriously impact your life!

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