Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Dirty iPhone

I have appreciated having an iPhone 4 for the last couple of years....a very useful tool that makes it so much easier to connect and stay in touch with people.
I have even worn out a couple of pairs of jeans where I have carried the device in my left pocket and the denim has worn through!

Having said that recently I have got very frustrated.
Whenever I plugged the lead in to charge it up the connection has got worse and worse. Recently I have had to balance the lead on a pen and then put a pot of pens on the phone to get the angel right to keep the connection good enough to get the power through.

Imagine my embarrassment today when I showed the phone to a friend and he declared the reason that it was not working was because it was dirty!!! Over the weeks and months that I have lovingly carried the phone in my pocket, it has been collecting fluff in the charging socket. I would then ram the lead in and compact the dust deeper and thicker into the machine. Today it took some while to clear out the many layers I and built up over time. (Now I know why the iPhone 5 has a smaller charger point!) Amazing the phone now charges well!

Makes me reflect on life. We pick up little things every day that we might not even notice but over time they build up and prevent us from working well: negative thoughts, unhelpful comments, bad attitudes. Sometimes we need to pause and take some time out to let Jesus give us a deep clean. I am convinced you will be surprised at the results:

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