Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The Bodyguard

On Friday night Nicky & I went to see the musical 'The Bodyguard'! It brought back so many memories that last night we sat down and watched the film:)

Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston starred in the film and were great. The movie was released the year I got married and I have been singing to my wife 'I will always love you' ever since.
What more does a story need - a beautiful demonstrative woman who falls for the silent strong man!

The London stage show stuck very close to the original storyline. I always find musicals move me but this one especially so. For some reason, much to Nicky's amusement, I could not hold back the tears - even in the interval - and had to go to the MEN's room to sort myself out.

The notion of someone prepared to lay down their life for the protection of another is stirring.
Yet as all good stories seem to be, this is only a dim reflection of the one true story: Jesus was not just prepared to, but did die for me, and not just for me but for any would would trust in HIM.

I continue to want that story to move me more

Monday, 28 April 2014

The Apprentice.....

There are now so many options for life post 18.

This year my oldest son sits his A levels and then must choose which door to go through:
1 - Take a Gap year
2 - University, he has 3 offers
3 - Do an apprenticeship.... has been offered a 5year course with BDO that will result in him being a chartered accountant.

How do you decide?
How can I offer impartial advice? (There is only 1 door that will result in me receiving rent!)

I am so glad that as Christians we can pray and ask God for advice and direction when making such big decision:0)

Thursday, 24 April 2014

It's Raining......

Living in the UK means you can get any weather any day!

I think this is great: gives us something to think about, talk about, to plan for and makes life interesting.

Having said that I think we should be grateful to Jonas Hanway who I discovered this week is buried in Hanwell.

Jonas lived in London during the 18th Century, though he travelled the world. It is believed that he was the 1st man to use an umbrella in this country.
Although he was a pioneer the use of the umbrella has grown and grown - now we even leave 80,000 of them on the London Underground every year!

Next time it is raining and you seek cover - remember great things are started in the London Borough of Ealing!

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Barbarian Way

Sometimes you look back on life and realise that there was defining moment.

For me some years ago I attended the Willow Creek Leadership conference in Chicago. I was amazed and fortunate to hear Erwin McManus give a talk entitled: 'The Barbarian Way out of Civilisation.' I laughed. I cried. I begged God that I will never forget the lesson. I hope that my life will be have been totally changed as a result.

When I got home I purchased the talk on CD..... I listened so often I almost knew the sermon word for word.

The book came out and I read it.

The DVD came out and I got hold of a copy. I have given countless copies of the DVD away.

I sit with friends and make them watch. I try and watch this message every year. I aim to watch it this evening.

If you have never heard the talk - I urge you to do so.

I must just give you a health warning - It may seriously impact your life!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Running for Ealing Foodbank

Today I purchased new trainers, shorts & shirt in preparation for the ultra marathon I have entered.

I have also read the book 'Ultra Marathon Man' that I got from Father Christmas this year.

I know, I know.... I also need to get out and do some practice......

I am looking to raise money for Ealing Foodbank
As a church we have been very involved in seeing this established and within 5 months have fed almost 1000 local people across the 3 sites that are now open. The vision is to see another 4 sites established across the Borough within the next 18 months.

Please can I ask you to visit my fund raising page and donate something

Much appreciated


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Are we nearly there yet?

As a child sat in the back of the car I am told that I was asking this questions before my parents had driven out the end of the road. As a family we used to be up and out early - leaving home by 4am so that we could reach Devon, our holiday destination by breakfast. For at least 4 1/2 hours I was asking are we nearly there yet!

Yesterday I went for my second long run in preparation for the ultra - marathon I have signed up to do in June.  I learnt a couple of useful lessons: it is hard to get the music playing when your phone is stuck in a case strapped to your arm & I don't run long distances well without distraction. (I will get the kids to sort an play list that will go on and on.)

I resorted to counting 1 to 100 in my head (apparently it is a trick that worked for Paula Radcliffe). Yet inside I kept thinking am I nearly there yet! I did mange 31km - 19 miles in old money. But that is not 1/3 of the goal I have to accomplish on the day. I just hope that I can keep going.

What about you? Have you got tired? Are you still asking the question 'Are we nearly there yet?'
What tips do you have to help you persevere?

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Confessions..... of a cake o holic

As a child I always had a sweet tooth - loved the old sweets in a jar and couldn't resist the pic 'n' mix!

However as I have got older I believed that my tastes have changed - I am unable to resist crisps.

Yet if you have read any of my previous blogs you will know that I am very partial to Christmas Cake. I felt this was a seasonal weakness..... but I was wrong.

After getting off the phone to my Father today I recognise the error of my ways. My parents are popping in to see me on Good Friday....and I have already been tucking into my Easter Simnel cake! Help I am pretty sure it will all be gone within 5 days..... what do I say to my folk?

Hello. My name is Pete and I am a cake-o-holic!

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Getting out of London

I am still not sure why.... but last week I signed up to take part in the Grand Union Challenge.

It has been over 5 years since I ran a marathon and I have always fancied having a go at an ultra-marathon. Often races are on a Sunday and I don't want to miss church so when I was told about the 100KM race on Saturday 28th June - I thought I would give it a go!

I realise I need a bit longer to train..... but helps me focus & gives me an excuse for the time I spend walking:)

I will need some support - sponsorship - I plan to raise money for Ealing Food bank - so watch out as I will be sending a link out soon.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Is Jealousy allowed?

I know that as a parent I am meant to be thrilled for my kids and their opportunities in life.

I feel for years that I have willing tried to open doors for them, drive them to events, cheer them on, pay for lessons and everything else a serving parent would choose.

I have to admit that yesterday I felt jealous.

My oldest son Josh has applied for a part time job at Wembley Stadium..... his first day is this Saturday. He will be "working" at the FA Cup semi-final when Arsenal will be playing Wigan!!!

I am happy to go to work with him on his first day - but he won't let me - its not fair:(

Come on the Gunners!!!!

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Cadburys Cream Eggs

They are loved by many - over 2.6million likes on their facebook page!

I am delighted to say that we hope to have them with us at Redeemer on Easter Sunday.

It is only a hope.....

I brought a few today and they are piled on my desk...... but I wonder how many will survive the 2weeks until 20th April?

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Dirty iPhone

I have appreciated having an iPhone 4 for the last couple of years....a very useful tool that makes it so much easier to connect and stay in touch with people.
I have even worn out a couple of pairs of jeans where I have carried the device in my left pocket and the denim has worn through!

Having said that recently I have got very frustrated.
Whenever I plugged the lead in to charge it up the connection has got worse and worse. Recently I have had to balance the lead on a pen and then put a pot of pens on the phone to get the angel right to keep the connection good enough to get the power through.

Imagine my embarrassment today when I showed the phone to a friend and he declared the reason that it was not working was because it was dirty!!! Over the weeks and months that I have lovingly carried the phone in my pocket, it has been collecting fluff in the charging socket. I would then ram the lead in and compact the dust deeper and thicker into the machine. Today it took some while to clear out the many layers I and built up over time. (Now I know why the iPhone 5 has a smaller charger point!) Amazing the phone now charges well!

Makes me reflect on life. We pick up little things every day that we might not even notice but over time they build up and prevent us from working well: negative thoughts, unhelpful comments, bad attitudes. Sometimes we need to pause and take some time out to let Jesus give us a deep clean. I am convinced you will be surprised at the results: