Friday, 14 March 2014

I Can't Sing

I love living in London and going to see a musical. As a family we have devoted many hours to watching the X Factor series over the years: so Nicky, Lois & I combined both passions by going to see I Can't Sing last night!

I must admit that I found the first half hilarious - during the interval people sitting 2 rows in front, turned round and told me what a wonderful laugh I have! There were many quick one liners, with no-one taking themselves too seriously.

I felt the second half crossed the line. More focused on mocking the judges it was not to my taste. On several occasions Simon Cowell was portrayed as 'the Christ' or 'the Messiah'.

There were positives from the evening:
The ticket was raising money for the kid's school PTFA
Being on time despite problems on the tube which meant we got off early and ran down Oxford Street
Being together
It is good to laugh

I am already looking forward to next month and taking Nicky to see The Bodyguard!

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