Wednesday, 19 March 2014

England Rugby

Having to take a few days off unwell gave me the time to read a book that has been sat around at home for sometime: Will Carling: My Autobiography.

As I grew up Will Carling was the rugby man and Gary Linekar the football lad. Heroes of mine and so I was fascinated to discover a bit more about their inner life.

Will's love of Rugby, his success on the field with the Grand Slam victories was surely a turing point for the game: built on by Clive Woodward and the development of the professional led to England winning the Rugby World Cup in 2003.

The sense of team, the energy, the buzz, the drive, the challenge, the cost can all be hugely motivating. Awareness of his own weakness and mistakes he had made, the need to seek counselling also make Will a figure that is real and can be connected to.

Having enjoyed the book; the danger with any autobiography is that they are not honest enough about the weakness and probably not proud enough of the achievements.

I am sure others will evaluate my own life more fully and honestly than I ever will.

I am confident that one day I will stand before Him who has seen everything and I will have to
give an account for all my days.

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