Saturday, 29 March 2014

Don't leave.....

Yesterday Josh and I went to see the new film - Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

I admit that I am not a die hard Marvel comic reading  guy - but it was a great evening out with my son. Classic tale where the good looking strong guy does what is right and wins in the end. Twists and turns in the plot and fast paced scenes that kept me interested and intrigued right till the end.

But that is what bothers me.

Although I have only been to a few Marvel comic films even I know that there is always an added bit 1/2 way through the credits at the end. Don't get up. Sit still.

I am amazed how many people immediately left the cinema and missed the extra bits.

Then having waited for the additional scenes people leave.... yet Marvel add another few shots right at the end.... there were only about 10 of us that saw everything last night.

Makes you think.... why do we rush on in life and not hang on to the end..... just wait a little longer and you get even more. Don't give up. Don't leave there is more just round the corner!

Thursday, 27 March 2014

New Job!

On Tuesday - 'Aprils Fools Day' - I start working for a new organisation - Redeemer Church London!

Steve Tibbert & Kings Church London have been absolutely fantastic over the past 2 years. I have attended their Tuesday staff meeting, had loads of admin support getting things in place, helped myself to their stationary cupboard on a regular basis and felt the invaluable support of friends cheering me on as we looked to plant a church in Ealing.


I also feel excited about the next chapter in the Life of Redeemer.... already wondering who we will be employing next?

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Ealing Foodbank

It was approx. a year ago when we felt it right to invest time and energy into seeing a Trussell Trust Foodbank established for the Borough of Ealing.

Chris Sutton has since done an incredible job liaising with other churches, establishing a charity, setting up a team and board of reference, casting vision, praying and generally making the whole thing get off the ground.

Amazing to fast forward to today when there is a client centre in Acton & Greenford and the Southall centre will open tomorrow. Soon there will be centres in Northolt & Hanwell and hopefully another 2 centres will be open by next year. In the first four months over 880 local people have been fed!

It was great to see that Chris Sutton was proposed as a community hero in the Ealing Gazette this week!(Read the full article here!)

Chris is a hero to me and all the other people who have benefited from his incredible work.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Call the midwife!

This week was Nicky's birthday and she had been on about getting a basket for her bike so that she could easily carry items around as she plans to do more cycling in the future.

To cut a long story shorty - I ended up buying her a new bike.

I am not sure this new machine is made for speed and racing. The new bicycle is solid, well built and will last a lifetime.

As per usual when you buy something new you spot them everywhere: we have since discovered 2 people in our community group have the same set of wheels!

The style and image seems popular locally. It makes me want to shout - Call the midwife!

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

England Rugby

Having to take a few days off unwell gave me the time to read a book that has been sat around at home for sometime: Will Carling: My Autobiography.

As I grew up Will Carling was the rugby man and Gary Linekar the football lad. Heroes of mine and so I was fascinated to discover a bit more about their inner life.

Will's love of Rugby, his success on the field with the Grand Slam victories was surely a turing point for the game: built on by Clive Woodward and the development of the professional led to England winning the Rugby World Cup in 2003.

The sense of team, the energy, the buzz, the drive, the challenge, the cost can all be hugely motivating. Awareness of his own weakness and mistakes he had made, the need to seek counselling also make Will a figure that is real and can be connected to.

Having enjoyed the book; the danger with any autobiography is that they are not honest enough about the weakness and probably not proud enough of the achievements.

I am sure others will evaluate my own life more fully and honestly than I ever will.

I am confident that one day I will stand before Him who has seen everything and I will have to
give an account for all my days.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Book Thief

On Monday afternoon Nicky & I went to see the 'The Book Thief' at the cinema.

A powerful story of a girl who suffers much tragedy and hardship in her life. The horrors of war, ignorance, and premature death leave many scars. The shortage of food, the bullying and abuse of authority figures meant I could not hold the tears. (I am glad it was Monday afternoon and there were only 4 other folk in the cinema)

As the main character Liesel was smashed by hardship and difficulties an inner beauty was squeezed out. Even when she resorted to stealing it was not food for herself but words to bring life to another.

I left the cinema grateful for all I have; my family, more than enough to eat, a warm home and hope for the future.

I was also challenged the example of Hans, who could not watch whilst others suffered but recognised his responsibility to get involved.

I am so grateful for the work of organisations like Tearfund that raise the plight of the poor round the world and aim to help us all to make a difference.

Friday, 14 March 2014

I Can't Sing

I love living in London and going to see a musical. As a family we have devoted many hours to watching the X Factor series over the years: so Nicky, Lois & I combined both passions by going to see I Can't Sing last night!

I must admit that I found the first half hilarious - during the interval people sitting 2 rows in front, turned round and told me what a wonderful laugh I have! There were many quick one liners, with no-one taking themselves too seriously.

I felt the second half crossed the line. More focused on mocking the judges it was not to my taste. On several occasions Simon Cowell was portrayed as 'the Christ' or 'the Messiah'.

There were positives from the evening:
The ticket was raising money for the kid's school PTFA
Being on time despite problems on the tube which meant we got off early and ran down Oxford Street
Being together
It is good to laugh

I am already looking forward to next month and taking Nicky to see The Bodyguard!

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

NHS Direct

I pride myself on not often needing medical assistance - but maybe I am just too proud to ask for help.

I visited my doctor regarding a lump coming up on my neck and he sent me directly to A & E. He had phoned ahead and spoken to the Ear Nose & Throat Specialist so I was under the impression that I would not be sat in a long queue but would be seen immediately by the doctor awaiting my arrival.

I produced the handwritten letter from my GP and explained my condition hoping that I would be waved through. My bubble was burst. I sat in the waiting room with everyone else. I had to be seen and admitted into the system like everyone else. I was then checked by 2 nurses who completed paperwork and tested me for a couple of things before sticking a needle into my arm.

When I asked why I need the apparatus and what drugs I was to be given, I was informed it was just in case.  Just in case!

I spent approx. 5 hours in A & E, had a ultra scan and camera stuck down my nose. The staff were very thorough - even phoned me with the date for my follow up appointment before I had finished driving home.

The only down side was they never used the thing sticking out of my arm..... so it was pulled out and thrown away.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Lost & ..... nearly found

Recently I took my daughter out for a fun relaxed evening at the cinema. I spotted a lady on the train reading one of Terry Virgo's books and we got chatting (friendly place London!). After she got off I noticed an Oyster card holder on the floor. D'Oh.

When I opened the plastic wallet I discovered a girls Oyster card, Student rail travel card and her University card. I decided against leaving it where I found it and thought I would hand it in at the ticket office when I got off the train.

The station was not maned, so I carried the lost property with me.

The next day I phoned the London University and informed them of the items I had belonging to one of their students; could I post it to them? Sadly they were unable to help me and told me that I had to take it to a Police Station.

The next day I went to a local Police Station and after a considerable wait was told they were not supposed to accept the lost property.... apparently I had to locate a Transport Police person to hand it in....

I ended up wishing I had not picked up the cards..... though my daughter was impressed by my good deed.

What have you started that took longer than you thought?