Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Monuments Men

One of my New Years resolutions is to go to the cinema every month with my oldest son. He can choose the film - I just love time in the car together, chatting about the film and relish time in his company.

On Friday he choose for us to go and see The Monuments Men.

I enjoyed the idea of a small group of unlikely men taking on a gigantic task. I appreciate that there would be some 'film makers licence' involved - I use 'preachers licence' myself most Sundays.
Many exciting lessons were picked up: the notion that you are not to old to be involved. The friendship that develops when working in a team. The coping with disappointment when things go wrong. Inspiring lessons when wanting to be involved in Church Planting.

I guess the biggest challenge is that men died to save art. 
It left me with the question - What do I care so much about that I would be prepared to die? Sometimes I get frustrated over inconvenience. 

I believe that Jesus loves me so much that He was prepared to die for me.
I know that thousands around the world will be killed this year due to their love for Jesus.

What would you give your life for?

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