Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Silver Bullet

Stories from the past referenced the silver bullet as the only way possible to kill a person or animal resistant to normal weapons.
Recently the term has been used for something that is straightforward and extremely effective. Often in business we seek the next idea, the latest strategy, and look to discover the shortest route to quick unending success.

I believe that the Kingdom of God is to advance, the church is to increase and people are to grow as disciples of Jesus.
There is also the pressure of being a man and having my identity wrapped up in my achieving targets and goals.

It is very tempting therefore to always be looking out for the Silver Bullet. I do believe in change and new ideas - but I also want to be committed to doing the regular, routine things faithfully and well.

As a church leaders I would like to avoid having to jump on the latest 'band wagon' but remain confident that Jesus is building His church: so wish to keep Loving God and Loving People at the centre of Redeemer.

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