Thursday, 27 February 2014

Mock Exams

The 1st week back after 1/2 term and our family has been suffering.

I know that Nicky & I are not sitting the tests but we are trying to do everything we can to encourage revision (I even turned the TV down the other night!)
Seriously in preparation for important exams in the summer - practise papers are printed and completed, notes are made, cups of tea are consumed and  hopefully enough information is being retained long enough to get the grades!

It can be hard to really focus as we know these are not the real thing; having said that we know the real thing will go better the more seriously these mock exams are taken.

I have always said to my kids 'You play like you practice' so give everyday your best.

The Bible teaches that one day we will stand before God. It is no point leaving everything to last minute cramming  - as we never know when our last days are. Fortunately I know I will pass that test as Jesus took my place.

How prepared are you for that Day?

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Monuments Men

One of my New Years resolutions is to go to the cinema every month with my oldest son. He can choose the film - I just love time in the car together, chatting about the film and relish time in his company.

On Friday he choose for us to go and see The Monuments Men.

I enjoyed the idea of a small group of unlikely men taking on a gigantic task. I appreciate that there would be some 'film makers licence' involved - I use 'preachers licence' myself most Sundays.
Many exciting lessons were picked up: the notion that you are not to old to be involved. The friendship that develops when working in a team. The coping with disappointment when things go wrong. Inspiring lessons when wanting to be involved in Church Planting.

I guess the biggest challenge is that men died to save art. 
It left me with the question - What do I care so much about that I would be prepared to die? Sometimes I get frustrated over inconvenience. 

I believe that Jesus loves me so much that He was prepared to die for me.
I know that thousands around the world will be killed this year due to their love for Jesus.

What would you give your life for?

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Valentines Day

How do you celebrate Valentines day?

Last year my kids school held a parents meeting in the evening.....I guess that is good if you love education!
This year the school is closed for an INSET day..... I guess that is good if you love sleep (I am sure Lois will be in her PJ's all day)

Having been married to Nicky for almost 22 years....and I always remember my wedding Anniversary.... I casually said to her "I guess we don't worry about 14th February?"

The long slow pause told me I was wrong.

The suggestion I at least take her for coffee and buy a card.... means 'time' and a 'present' is required.....HELP! (Any suggestions would be much appreciated)

It is so easy to take people for granted. It is good to take the opportunity to express our love to those we cherish and can easily forget to tell.

When was the last time you expressed your love to God?
What creative ways can you think of to demonstrate your passion for Him in the future?

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Silver Bullet

Stories from the past referenced the silver bullet as the only way possible to kill a person or animal resistant to normal weapons.
Recently the term has been used for something that is straightforward and extremely effective. Often in business we seek the next idea, the latest strategy, and look to discover the shortest route to quick unending success.

I believe that the Kingdom of God is to advance, the church is to increase and people are to grow as disciples of Jesus.
There is also the pressure of being a man and having my identity wrapped up in my achieving targets and goals.

It is very tempting therefore to always be looking out for the Silver Bullet. I do believe in change and new ideas - but I also want to be committed to doing the regular, routine things faithfully and well.

As a church leaders I would like to avoid having to jump on the latest 'band wagon' but remain confident that Jesus is building His church: so wish to keep Loving God and Loving People at the centre of Redeemer.

Thursday, 6 February 2014


This morning I have sat and read a book - cover to cover.

It is not often that I make the time but I am preparing for a sermon next Sunday on a topic that I have never preached on before. It is part of a new series we are about to launch  at Redeemer, called iGeneration.

As Christians we called to be 'salt' & 'light'  in a rapidly changing world and need to be clear on what we believe and how we behave. I am excited that as a church we will cover such topics as pornography, social media, marriage, sex, singleness, money, influence, time and identity.

I am really excited about this practical preaching series, though recognise it will throw up many questions and challenges, can't wait to get started. The Bible is so relevant to today!

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Park Run

One of my New Years resolutions was to go along and take part in a Park Run.

I realise that I am way behind the times.... this week on their website I discovered they have hosted 25,429 events already, there have been 408, 798 runners, who have covered 10,042, 095Km and it has taken a combined time of 184years, 217 days, 14 hours 54 minutes and 12 seconds!

Well I still haven't done one.... but I have registered my whole family incase we can get up and out of bed for 9am this Saturday!

What have you said you were going to do but never got round to it?