Friday, 31 January 2014


I love meeting together every Sunday as a church..... whatever the week has been like I find it encouraging to gather with others, focus on God and stir one another on how we can serve the area we live!

I so enjoy a baptism - when someone declares that Jesus is their Lord: they demonstrate how they have died to themselves and now live for Him.

I get excited about dedications. I believe that children are a gift from God. It is wonderful to stand with new and experienced parents to give thanks, to pray for them and to express our commitment to help them in the coming years.

This Sunday Redeemer London has  3 dedications - should be a great at morning:)

Feel free to come and join us at Ealing Town Hall 10:30am

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Back of the Bus

Whilst I am still convinced that the best way to invite people to church is by personal invitation I am determined and committed that as many as possible receive an invitation.

Thrilled to see that our 1st advert on the back of a bus was spotted today:)

If you are in the area and see any bus with our advert on the back I would love to hear from you.

Better still - if you are in the area personally invite anyone you know to come and join us each Sunday  at Ealing Town Hall 10:30am

Sunday, 26 January 2014


Today we celebrated 1 year since we launched Redeemer London on Sunday mornings!

I am so grateful for the amazing folk who have given, prayed and served so faithfully over the last year.

It was a wonderful morning - where we all got to eat cake together, reflect on some of the things we have achieved and most of all to THANK GOD!

So helpful to focus on what we have rather than what we don't. It is so easy in a advertising saturated world to look for what we don't have but think we need; instead we had a morning of delighting in all that we do have:)

Meister Eckhart 'If the only one prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.'

Friday, 24 January 2014

Happy Birthday!

I know that the older you get the quicker the years go.....

Incredible to think that it was one year ago that we launched Redeemer London!

This Sunday we are gathering and plan to thank God for all that has happened during the last 12 months. I count it a huge privilege to be part of this wonderful crowd. I love the passion and the energy of the folk in Ealing. I am amazed at the talent and dedication of the individuals who regularly make huge sacrifices whilst still smiling. I feel over whelmed by peoples generosity and fun - what a joy to build church together!

Often I would roll out the numbers but on this occasion I want to focus on the extraordinary, brilliant, fantastic people - THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Moving to Amsterdam

Today I met with a Church Planter - Matt Simmonds who is moving his family to start a Church Plant in Amsterdam.

It was great to spend time with the guy: having heard from God, he is looking to ask around and find out as much as he can to prepare himself in the the best way possible for the task he is about to undertake.

Matt is looking to settle his wife and 4 daughters into the City, gather a group, link to others, start to understand culture, raise finances and pray!

If you know anyone who lives in Amsterdam, would like to move there or who wants to support the guy on his adventure I am sure he would love to hear from you.

Great to be together on Mission!

Friday, 17 January 2014

Newspaper Wrap

I am very keen to personally invite people I know and meet to come and visit Redeemer.

Yet I also recognise that there are hundred of thousands of folk who live in West London and I haven't got endless time so it is helpful sometimes to try and invite as many people as possible through whatever means I can.

Last week Redeemer was due to have had a wrap around the Ealing Gazette (sadly the 4 pages ended up inside the paper, around the property section) but it should be front cover news this Friday!

Please can I ask you to pray that folk would see it, look at the web site and then come and visit us on a Sunday at Ealing Town Hall!

Thursday, 16 January 2014


I have been involved with Alpha for more years than I care to remember..... but still am excited and passionate for it.

As a church we are about to start meeting at a Costa in Ealing 8pm on Tuesday nights (start 21st January): over coffee & cake listen to peoples questions, share stories and pray that folk encounter the truth.

It feels like the days when I played football.... going through last minute routines in the dressing room, basically getting pumped and ready to run onto the pitch.

If you have not done Alpha or would like to bring a friend then you would be most welcome.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Broken at Church

One of the exciting things about hiring a venue to meet at each Sunday morning is that you have little control over the environment and you never know what each week will throw your way!

This week as the crew turned up at 9am to get out equipment out of the cupboard we hit a problem. The Town Hall had lost the key about 8 months ago and never got round to replacing it. The spare key broke this week...

Several of us had a go with crowbars and screwdrivers but 1/2 hour later and we could still not get in the cupboard (At least we know the place is secure:))

Eventually someone was called out to try and cut through the door and a few minutes and a power tool later we had access.... better late than never.

Although not our usual organised self - God turned up in power.

Having preached on the Father heart of God I could not contain the tears as I prayed for folk at the end..... I am not sure who was more broken - me or the door.

I am zoo looking forward to Sunday to see what happens next!

Friday, 10 January 2014

Together on Mission

I have just had the enormous privilege of having 2 days away with 25 other church leaders.

The time, hosted by Terry Virgo, included some great times of worship and then we literally went round the room sharing how individually as men and how our churches are doing.

I would love to share some of the stories of amazing things that have happened - break through, lives changed, opportunities that have opened up, finances provided, miracles witnessed....

I felt humbled to be in a room where guys were bold and courageous enough to be vulnerable with one another - to share from the heart some of the pain and difficulty they have experienced along the way.

It made me appreciate again the advantages of being on mission together!

As local churches, national families, international mission we are planets orbiting together rather than billiard balls bumping into one another.

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Love Does

Having heard and been knocked off my feet by Bob Goff at the Global Leadership Summit last year,  I was very keen to read his book 'Love Does.'

An easy but profound book that I believe will radically impact your outlook on the ordinary and everyday.

The amusing and honest stories are real and inspiring.

If you want to make 2014 count I urge you not to delay but create the time to read and then live.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Joined a Gym

Well I have only gone and done it - never thought I would - always hated the idea - but I have joined a gym.

This is not just New Year madness (mind you feel free to check and see if I am still pumping iron come February)
This is not mid life crisis (that is when I buy the Ferrari)

The reason I have signed up is that my son Isaac wanted to and I thought it would provide regular time together each week. (I know I could have just driven him there and watched…. but that would not be the same)

I am not sure how much talking will occur - we compete on machines, I cannot breathe by the end of a lap when swimming and my only recovery is on the sauna and Under 16's are not permitted!

I have been twice already - but even if I can't keep it up, at least I have paid for a month - never lost so much in one go before!

What new thing are you going to attempt in 2014?

Friday, 3 January 2014


In an age where we highly value innovation and creativity it is also good to have some long standing practices.
The familiar and regular can bring a sense of history, comfort and support  - a great place from which to press out and into new things.
I have lost count of the number of years that I have met up for New Year with the Hanton's, Kellett's & Hoseir's…..but I so enjoyed their company again recently.
The 21 of us and 4 dogs crammed into Duncan & Jills place for 24 hours and we all got out for a walk - regardless of the weather.

I hove loved meeting friends & family over the past coupe of weeks and now I can't wait to get going on 2014!
May I wish you all the best for 2014!