Saturday, 7 December 2013

We're not singing anymore:)

With such limited parking at our Kids Secondary School I have always attended functions by bus!

However recently I decided to make an exception: Nicky & I were helping out at the PTFA games night and as both of us were going early - I thought I would save on the bus fare by taking the car. Mistake no1.

My son wanted a drink and as I only had a £10 note on me sent him to the car to look for some loose change. Mistake no 2.

It appears that he forgot to look the car. Mistake no 3.

Someone was obviously watching my son because there was no sign that anyone attempted to break into the car, but all the loose change we kept for parking machines was taken, and our CD wallet from the glove compartment has also disappeared.

I miss the 15 or so CD's more than the cash - and it means that I no longer have any music to sing along to in the car.

Most of the CD's stolen were Christian music, so my hope is that the thief has listened to them and is now singing along.

What stops you singing and why?

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