Thursday, 28 November 2013

Everyone needed.

A few weeks ago as I was lying in bed, my wife was rushing to get undressed, when suddenly we heard a 'ping'. Although Nicky felt no pain she noticed that the end of one of her fingers had dropped.

We quickly realised that it could not be broken as she was not suffering. I thought she might have broken a tendon but we both agreed it was best not to visit A & E at that time of night. I strapped the 2 fingers together (I should have been a nurse) and we … or rather I, slept well.

Early the next morning Nicky got her hand checked at Ealing hospital and discovered that she has Mallet Finger.

She has now had the support in place for a few weeks but whenever she removes the finger to change the plaster it still cannot support itself. (Josh informs us that due to our age healing takes longer.)

The situation has made us realise how each finger is important…. it takes Nicky twice as long to shower and I have to peel all the vegetables!

The Bible declares that the church is like a body and we all have our part to play. I am so grateful for everyone and their involvement at Redeemer. I want to say THANK YOU - we could not and would not want to do this without you.

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