Sunday, 13 October 2013

Walk Across the Room

Bill Hybels is an incredible leader in so many ways - I am booked in for the GLS in South West London next weekend!

I have had the privilege to attend Willow Creek Church and see the large campus.
I have listened to many many talks over the years.
I have gleaned so much wisdom from the var
ious conferences
I have been inspired and compelled by his wonderful story telling ability. (Often reduced to tears)

I am so excited that as a Church Redeemer is going to be working over the next 4 weeks through Bill's Book - 'Just Walk Across the Room'.

Even though he has been in the ministry for 38 years, built a large church and develops leaders around the world - Mr Hybels still has so many stories where he shares the love of God to folk who as yet have not responded with faith.

That provokes me

I trust that will fire us up as a church!

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