Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Chicken Licken

As the child's story goes a bird walking in the woods gets suddenly hit on the head (by an acorn) and panics to rush to the King fearing the sky has fallen. Many others are drawn into the frenzy which results in a terrible outcome.

I have lived in fear for the past year that when people came to visit my house they could suffer a head injury from the falling ceiling due to the growing crack in the plaster.

Yesterday and today 2 men have been round and taken the lounge ceiling down, filling the house with dust but hopefully making the place safe.

Sadly the coving proved un-save able (if there is such a word?) so that has been removed as well.

My kids world has collapsed as the modem for the Internet was unplugged for almost 36 hours!

I am now waiting for a quote to have the work finished and am panicing that all will not be completed by the 1st December - possibly ruining my start to Christmas:(

I am totally aware that many people have much worse situations to endure than I do.

How do you keep a proper perspective when all seems to be falling around you?

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