Thursday, 12 September 2013

Chimney Sweep

It has been 2 years since I had the Chimney cleaned (The kids are getting bigger and they just don't want to go up it any more)

I love the fact that our house has an open fire in the lounge. On a cold winters evening there is something wonderful about sitting round watching and being warmed by a crackling fire.

I am happy to clean the ashes out of the grate, the following day, and plan to have the paper and kindling in place ready for the next inferno.

However I also appreciate that to be safe a deeper clean is required every so often. The 2 guys who came, knew what they were doing, were efficient and did a great job, something that I cannot do.

On the adventure of life we often have to 'take the heat' and have to ensure that we get rid of the 'left over ash' - by forgiving others and ourself. In addition to this it can helpful to have others who help us get rid of anything that can be dangerous and unhelpful in the future. I appreciate good friends who speak into my life and also value visiting a counsellor occasionally.

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