Friday, 5 July 2013

Lock Cutter Caught

Under the contentious 'stop and search powers' a white youth was caught by the police in Acton on Wednesday afternoon (the same day my bike was stolen) with bolt cutters approaching the bike stands!

The young man's story was that he had borrowed a bike from his father and after cycling around had carefully used 2 locks (as both wheels were quick release wheels) to secure the racer to the stand.

When he and his friends returned to get the bike the key broke in the lock. The local bike shop was unwilling to intervene so this lad had visited his school where the caretakers had lent him some bolt cutters.

It was at this point the Police found him. They believed his story but were unable to free the bike using the old tools borrowed but fortunately a local builder passed by and got to work cutting through both bike locks with a hacksaw.

Honestly - I am not making this stuff up (who would have believed it!)

The Youth is my son!

So the bike saga continues: on Wednesday not only did I loose my bike but I have had 3 bike locks cut in one afternoon!

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