Thursday, 18 July 2013


I love the sunshine:)

In the UK we are now in the longest prolonged heatwave since 2006. (For the detailed folk - a heat wave is 5 degrees above the average temperature for 5 consecutive days - I think)

It has been fascinating to watch people cope with the recent warm weather:
Londoners are using an additional 15% water
There are twice as many grass fires as normal in London.
Schools are preventing children playing outside when the temperature gets above 30 degrees.

Is it really that hot?
When I lived in Australia we could have 3 days in a week over 40 degrees. (I know they are more prepared!)
Apart from the fact we all like to talk about the weather - I think it has more to do with how we cope with the unfamiliar (When I was down under people did not run in the rain!)

Generally we like to be in control, know what is going to happen; we feel comfortable when things are familiar.

I guess that is why I admire Christians - it is a lifestyle of adventure in the unknown - trusting everything to God. I am privileged to be with some extra radical followers of Jesus who are prepared to see a new church started in Ealing - why not come and visit?

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