Thursday, 13 June 2013

The Doors

I have used them countless times and never appreciated them - until they stop working.

Over time the back door of our house has rotted so much that it lets in a major draught and the damp is prising the skirting board off the wall. I have had a builder round and a replacement is being found, ordered and will be fitted:)

Just when I thought the 'wood in the hole' problem was fixed our front door has started playing up. I went to work the other morning and the kids came down to find the door swinging, welcoming in and and all who might be passing. One night this week I am chatting with a friend when a neighbour pops over and rings the door bell - 'sorry to bother you they say, but I noticed that your front door is wide open'. 
Not sure what the problem is but locking it keeps it shut until we can get it fixed.

We all use doors everyday - we could not live without them. They are designed to open the way to good things and keep out the bad.

I believe that we have doors into our life: some things we look at are helpful and others are not, some places we go do us good and other places do not, some words we hear build us up and others do not.

Have you invested any time maintaining the doors in your life recently?

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