Wednesday, 5 June 2013


Last week I took part in my twice annual ritual - I ate at McDonald's. I have to be honest I only attended because everywhere else was closed.

I felt more committed than those seated in their car; ordering their meat free meals and light drinks to takeaway without bothering to enter the building and mix with the rest of us.
I felt less committed than the family in front that literally ordered 3 carrier bags full.

Having got what I wanted, I sat with a friend and avoided all eye contact with anyone else dining there - I am from London.

It can feel more of a kids place - with happy meals, bright coloured areas and endless tomato sauce.

I rushed the 'meal' and quickly left: enjoyed the flavours at the time, hoping it would not give me indigestion and recognising I would probably be hungry again in half an hour.

I guess I will go again this year - but it would not be my first choice.

Why is is that so many Christians can approach church like I approach MacDonald's?

For believers the church is not meant to be the last resort, attend twice a year. It is not meant to be a drive through experience isolated from others where everyone orders their own 'light worship' and 'sugar free sermon'.

I am so glad to be part of Redeemer - a vibrant growing community, where people are prepared to serve and give rather than just take. (I guess you could say - I'm loving it!)
I feel disappointed I cannot eat with the church everyday - and love it when we gather at Costa on Wednesday night and Ealing Town Hall on Sunday mornings!

How do you approach church?

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