Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Beating the Bounds

Bank Holiday Monday, glorious sunshine and Nicky & I walked 81/2 miles round the Old Parish of Hanwell.

The tradition of beating the Parish Boundary stones apparently goes back to the Anglo Saxon era. The idea being that each year the markers were checked to see that they had not been moved. We were given willow sticks to strike the 13 stones that are still in existence (actually 14 stones, as another one was discovered whilst we were out!) Throughout the 4 hour tour our guide sang a verse of a song describing each stone we paused at and we all joined in the chorus

Well here's a stone, and there's a stone
Our boundary they span well
They stand erect and well protect
The lovely parish of Hanwell.

A great afternoon spent with approx. 65 other local residents before receiving our certificates at the Old Fox.

It did make me stop and think about boundaries in my own life.  Do I reflect each year on what I stand for and whether my values have been moved due to societies influence? Have I compromised my beliefs and do I need to re-establish principles that have slipped or got lost over time.

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