Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Written Off

My wife was carefully driving home from work last week when she stopped for someone using the zebra road crossing. Unfortunately the van behind used the rear of our car to come to a halt. (He did apologise and we do have a witness)

When Nicky phoned the insurance company the next day they immediately informed us over the phone that the car would be a written off. Being keen on the reliable motor we have had for years we managed to get the insurer to agree that a garage take a look and see if an official estimate could extend the life of our car.

From the front the car looks great; we are still able to drive it! (Though I admit we cannot open the boot, get the rear seat to stay in position or turn off the inside light...) We were disappointed to be informed that the scrap man would be dispatched to remove out pile of junk from the UK road network.

As human beings we all pick up scratches in life; teasing, being misunderstood and feeling left out. Many have been involved in at least one major accident - a failed project or divorce.

I am so glad that God does not treat us like we treat old cars - no longer of any value - scrap it. Instead God loves us so much that paid the ultimate price by sending His own Son to die for us.

I do not know what has happened in your past.
Other people might have written you off.
You might have written yourself off
God does not write you off

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