Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Radical People

May I introduce you to Sam & Anna.

I first go to know them when they moved to Hillingdon to study at Brunel University.

Not distracted by student life, spare time and the occasional need to study these guys were passionate about Jesus and devoted to serving The Crown Church. They served in the worship band and also on the kids work.

After graduating Anna delayed earning for a year so that she could serve in the church office - and a great job she did to!

Even when first married they did not take a break but were involved in Alpha, student work and small groups.

Now they are expecting their first child and at the same time are looking to buy their first house and move to get involved in starting a new church: Redeemer!

I love their energy and passion.
I love the fact they are energetically serving Jesus.
I love the fact they are not sitting back but aggressively involved.

Ladies & gentleman: Mr & Mrs Isaacson!

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