Sunday, 26 February 2012

Planting Locally

I know that I am not renowned for my gardening skills but there always has to be a first!

At the end of our road is a park area that was opened 100years ago and recently many people have worked together to do it up.

Yesterday was a lovely sunny day and I volunteered along with numerous others of all ages. We were provided with trowels, spades forks and all sorts of plants. We had to to dig holes, empty plant pots into the space (mostly right way up) and fill them back up again. I only noticed 1 person fall in the water and it wasn't me!

It was exciting to be part of a community project.
It was good to serve on another persons agenda.
It was great to meet more neighbours.

I walk through the park many times each week and will be keeping an eye out to see how my plants grow!

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