Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Believe it or not!

We had a family visit to Ripleys in London and I loved it (OK so it was my idea to go)

The museum is packed with stories and models, with relics and videos of the unbelievable: painting the Lords Supper on a single grain of rice, knitting a life size Ferrari, a cow with 6 legs and a man with 2 sets of pupils in his eyes.

I admit that the place stretches the imagination with many many bizarre stories and peculiar events and people.

Personally I would like to meet every single situation in person to check out the facts for myself. I guess I can end up like Thomas who would not believe that Jesus had risen from the dead unless he was able to touch the Lords hand and feet.

I know many struggle to believe in the God of the Bible. I would love to build a church where they can come and meet Him for themselves and know it is all true!

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