Sunday, 19 February 2012

Back to School

Our home has that Sunday night feeling - even more intense than most weekends as half term comes to an end.

We roared our way through Top Gear but now it is time to load up the school bags ready for tomorrow. (Even Nicky has a stomach ache and she is the teacher!)

Seriously we really appreciate the excellent job all the staff have done for our Kids at Twyford.

After we returned from Australia Josh has gone into Year 11 and has to complete all the coursework and take his GCSE's after only 2 terms instead of 2 years; but the teachers have been a tremendous help.

Lois is also straight in with Year 10 and it catching up on work missed last year

Isaac has done well despite not have attended secondary school and being late into Year 8, he has now found his rhythm.

We are confident that short term pain in terms of studying hard will bring long term gains. Very proud of how well the kids have done.

As with most things the thought seems worse than the deed.

What are you facing this week that can seem like a slog but will bring long term benefits?

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