Monday, 30 January 2012

What can you do???

We all admire people for doing different things:

Djokovic for winning the Australian Open

Those who took part in the Tough Guy endurance challenge (world most demanding one day assault course)

In London last week 4 couples who broke the Guinness world hugging record.

Recently I have come across a couple that inspire me: Leon & Daiva who used to live in Bracknell but have relocated to Brentford - just so they can get involved in our new church: Redeemer.

What radical thing are you going to do this year?

Friday, 27 January 2012

Please mind the Gap

It is good to be home in London and once again listen to the announcement at Underground Stations 'Please mind the gap".

A small step off the train towards the yellow line and you are quickly caught up in the crowd heading off for another day.

I am sure over time I will let you know about the events that occurred during the past 8 months but for now I am excited about taking the first step in the next journey.

The Cornford family have brought a house and are settled back in London. The kids are catching up at school and Nicky has picked up a full time teaching job at Lady Bankes Infant School. As of January 1st I am employed to start a new church in Ealing called 'Redeemer'.

Why don't you come and join us on the adventure?!