Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Better second time round!

I have always thought that life is short enough without wanting to repeat the same things. My kids love watching DVD's and I along with most other parents of toddlers allowed them to watch Postman Pat again and again. Even now as teenagers, my kids will re-watch a DVD many times. I can honestly say that I struggle to think of any film that I have watched twice: when I know how it finishes why bother sitting there again?

Having said all that I am now reading a book for the second time.I often read a book and will underline bits that I find interesting and might want to refer to again in the future. I lent someone a favourite book of mine and did not get it back (lets pretend I gave it to them). I decided to buy another copy; which now I am reading so that I can underline it again!

I am finding Randy Alcorn's Book 'Money Possessions & Eternity' just as challenging the second time round and would thoroughly recommend it - even though it probably does need a health warning on it: this could seriously change your life!

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Foundations For farming

We were so privileged to have the humble, godly man called Brian Oldreive share at our church on Sunday, about the ministry called 'Foundations for Farming.' So inspirational to hear his personal story - managing a farm in Zimbabwe that was near bankruptcy and then how things have so marvellous turned round. We then heard about the success of his God given methods for farming and the growing demand for others to learn; leading to many international doors opening for Brian to share. (Amazing that a farmer from Zim was invited here to talk to the WA farmers!)

If you enjoyed the film 'Faith like Potatoes' you will want to find out more about how God has not just blessed one crop but is revealing to Farmers a better way to farm and gain bumper harvests year after year!

Well worth checking out the website Foundations for Farming!

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Kangeroos in Perth

Today we met up with a 'mob' or two in Perth (the official name for a group of kangaroos). Great to see these 'boomers, flyers and joeys' in the wild.

Amazing creatures and understandable how they have found their way onto the Australian coat of arms and to become a much loved symbol of the nation.

Friday, 25 March 2011


Sunnies are essentials for living in Perth: I think the £5 I spent on mine at Tescos is the best investment I have ever made.

I do now feel out classed by my son who has purchased his first pair of ray-bans.

I am hoping that when they are dated (by next season) that he might replace them and give me this old pair.

What do you think of my chances?

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Together we stand!

One of my earliest memories was marching around the school playground with my arms linked around the shoulders of may mates chanting 'who wants to play our game....?' Often we never got to start the game because it was the end of break but we had fun building our army.

The older I got the more I enjoyed playing soccer: being part of a team. Training together. Playing together. Celebrating our goals and comiserating with each other when we lost.

The best team I ever joined was when my wife agreed to marry me: Saturday 25th July 1992 will always be a highlight in my life. Like being joined together with your best mate for the 3 legged race - the longer we have run together the more in step with each other we are.

The enormous blessing of 3 great kids has expanded my 'home team' to 5: we are in it together - take one you take us all. We love and trust one another.

As a church leaders I have soooooo benefited and appreciated being part of the newfrontiers family. I am so thankful that I am not doing my own thing in some isolated city but joined together with others making a radical impact for Jesus.

We now have a web site sharing about some of what is happening in the Pacific Rim team - take a look and get involved!

Friday, 18 March 2011

Scars for life!

Today I took Josh for the last visit to hospital regarding his broken elbow. (For the caring type he has been discharged and although cannot completely straighten his arm they are pleased how well he has recovered.)

The only real visible evidence resulting from this story is the 9cm scar that Josh has on his arm.

This led to a healthy family competition to see who has the most scars and the biggest.

Josh does win the prize for the longest scar in our family
Lois has the most scars
I have the most hospital inflicted scars (I had to concoct a prize to show me as manly)

I guess we all go through life and pick up scars - whether on the outside or inside. None of us live trouble free ...we all get scars from life.

Often the challenge is how do we respond to the hardships we face?

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A new set of wheels!

Ever since I have entered the world of work (no laughter please!) I have travelled on 2 wheels.

As a primary school teacher I brought a basic bike to get me to and from school...often to be left outside for the day in the rain.

When working for the church in Camberley I upgraded (I was living in the smart area known as Surrey) so to the brand 'Specialised' bike.

One of my first purchases in Australia was a new bike but I have discovered that the distances are a lot further than I was covering before and the weather is a lot warmer!

Maybe I am just getting old and lazy....this week I have purchased a scooter.

My idea being that Nicky will be able to commute to whichever school offers her relief teaching and I can also get out and about to see people.

The only downside to my plan is that Josh has informed me that in less than 6 months he will be old enough to use it; and IF I allow him to it will save me having to drop him off and pick him up!

So I better get on an enjoy it for the next 6 months whilst it is still mine!

Monday, 14 March 2011

Number Plates

Number plates on cars are generally meant to provide a quick means of tracing the owner (the one to fine) when the vehicle is caught speeding or parked in the wrong place.

However in Perth the sense of individuality and the opportunity to send a message to others is a chance not to be passed up:

Western Australian plates used to all say - the 'state of excitement'.

This has now stopped but you are able to convey a message using up to 9 letters on the front and rear of your machine.

Today I passed one that claimed: 'paradise'

Lois had seen a car with the number plate: 'Big Mac'

What word would you have placarded on your vehicle to describe you and how you find life?

Friday, 11 March 2011

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Bill Johnson In Perth

I have really really benefited from attending the Encounter God conference hosted by Perth CLC with Bill & Beni Johnson as the speakers.
I had previously read 3 of his books: 'When Heaven invades earth', 'Face to face with God' and 'Dreaming with God'. I have now purchased 4 more of Bill Johnson's books: 'Strengthen yourself in the Lord', 'Release the power of Jesus', 'The supernatural power of a transformed mind' and 'Centre of the universe'.

The teaching was provocative and thoughtful

The worship was energetic and enthusiastic

The healings were mind blowing and impacting

I had better get on with some more reading and hope that I am able to apply the lessons that I learn!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Perth Drag Racing

I went to the Perth Motorplex with Josh and Isaac and witnessed our first ever drag racing.

The noise!

The cars came screeching out, reviving up their engines and spinning their wheels to warm up the tyres. The tree of lights in the centre of the tracks lit up and when the last bulb went green the cars flew off the start line.

The one aim is to cover the 1/4 mile the quickest possible- whether on 2 wheels or 4!

We observed one car complete the distance in 5.82 seconds and some were touching 400km/h at the finish line.
As Jeremy Clarkson from Top Gear would say - POWER!

Amazing how much time, technology and money is invested in something that passes so quickly....I guess that is a bit like life!

Monday, 7 March 2011


In my limited experience to plant a church is demanding and relentless.

This last week I have met up with 3 guys who are planting churches as well as being husbands and dads as well as holding down a full time job!

My utmost respect to:
Tom in Japan
Craig in Brisbane
Dave in Melbourne

You guys are heroes!