Monday, 31 January 2011

Going to another level

I know that I recently wrote about the great entertainment available in Perth in the local Park...generally this is free!

Well yesterday I went to Jazz in the Park at South Beach and they went one better...
A great quartet performed for 2 hours.
One side of the stage was a free drinks station: just wander up and they rustled up a refreshment of your choice...tea / coffee, hot chocolate
The other side of the stage was an ice cream van - free unlimited ice creams!

I love it when people think bigger and raise the bar higher.

I think the church should be known for their generosity.

In what ways are you stirred to go to another level?

Saturday, 29 January 2011

The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Perth seems to enjoy living life in the park:
We BBQ there,
We have enjoyed Jazz there
We are booked to see Shakespeare there

Last night we went to the cinema in the Park!
Take along your food, hire a bean bag or sit on the floor. When it gets dark the film starts ...we saw The Voyage of the Dawn Treader!

An amazing feeling to be caught up in the great film at 10pm at night under the stars...all made possible because it was still 30 degrees.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Australia Day Perth

A day off with the family to celebrate the invasion by the English many years ago!

We went to Kings Park and saw the 21 gun salute at lunch time and then had a picnic and waited for the fireworks in the evening.

I tried to be patriotic and whilst preparing for the trip along with the food and drink had grabbed a large 6foot flag to wave.

It was only later when out with others, having enthusiastically unfurled my flag, that someone pointed out I had picked up the New Zealand one by mistake.....OOPS!

The fireworks were great!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Are we sitting comfortably?

During my life as a primary school teacher this was a stock phrase, just before reading the class a story to end the afternoon.

I really enjoy reading and so value a good chair.

Therefore I should not be surprised - though still am - following the rearrangement of furniture in our house. Suzanne has moved out and took her belongings with her. A friend of Josh's was throwing out 2 perfectly good sofas and with our recently acquired space we decided to give them a home.

There are now 6 of us living in our house and I counted that we have 6 sofas! (This includes the one in the garden!)

I am glad that our house increasingly feels like home.

I am sad that we could commit so much time to sitting.

I do not believe that as Christians we are to sit and count our days but we are to make our days count!

What are you planning to do this day / week / month / year?

Friday, 21 January 2011

Are we 'breaking' records?

Whilst playing football (soccer) at Newday 3 days ago my oldest son Josh fell over making a tackle.

Josh has never been one to make a fuss and put some ice on the elbow and took some ibuprofen. He did accept the first aider making him wear a sling but did so under his jumper so that no-one would notice.

He didn't sleep too well for the next couple of nights but survived the 4 1/2 flight home on films and food.

Yesterday we took him to the hospital so they could x-ray it. It was broken! As a result they kept him in and though hoping to put it right in a 30 minute operation he was kept in theatre for 2 1/2 hours.

He is now home and will have a scar on his arm...a bigger one than any that I have (not fair) and we are working on a story about him being bitten by a shark!

Seriously Newday has been running 4 years here and I wonder if we have set the record for the 1st broken bone? I would like to hear from any that have attended over the past 3 years.

What a boy!!!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Kings Church Wellington

Whilst at Newday just outside Sydney I was so impressed by the young people from Kings Church Wellington!

I know that Pete Henare has been working hard for some years serving God there - I am sure he would agree that there is lots to thank God for!

If ever you are ever in that city you MUST visit the church!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


I hate the sound of the word and so think I might change my mind and re-name it a sabbatical.

Since coming to Perth I have been playing 5-a-side football on a Monday night with a bunch of guys on a team called 'Just some blokes.'
I scored 2 goals this week (with a lot of help from the team who wanted to see me off in style) and I am pleased to say I have averaged more than a goal a game... but that is where the glory stops!

I love being married to Nicky and for the last 18 years we have had Monday night together - a date night. Recently we have done something in the day to allow me time to play football during the evening.

However we need Nicky to work, and she has managed to get a full time job answering the phone in a school (they still won't approve her as a teacher in WA!) From now on Mondays will mean food shopping and cleaning the house in the day - which I hope will score me some points with my wife.

Missing football is not problem - it will be great having time with Nicky!

Monday, 10 January 2011


Some things have to become part of life: an everyday routine.

Here in Perth wearing sunnies is one of them. It is funny looking back in the UK because I guess they were mainly fashion accessories, another chance to show your image, that you had purchased the right label.

Whereas in Perth I do not leave the house - even in winter, without taking the shades. I have a spare pair in the car. I wear them running. I even wear them in the swimming pool. If you are chatting to someone they do not accuse you of posing or trying to hide and look cool. When at the Hopman Cup I saw some spectators wearing them indoors for the tennis - everyone wears them all the time! (That is a slight exaggeration I have not yet slept in them.)

What is the one thing you don't leave home without? Apart from trousers?

Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Air that I Breathe

This week I have enjoyed Louie Gigilo's book 'The Air that I breathe'.

Louie states that worship is about what you value. As human beings we are all created to value, to worship: what we worship is the question.

Worship is about more than just what we say but what we do. Worship is not a Sunday thing but is what fuels our action and becomes the driving force of all we do.

The question is not what you do but who do you do it for.

In the book he suggests that whatever you worship, you imitate; and whatever you imitate, you become.

What will you worship in 2011?
The great Ashes English cricket captain Andrew Strauss?
At the local 'Cathedral shaped' shopping centre?
Tucking into the finest food and wine affordable?
Riding the best wave the sea can throw at you?

I aim to worship Jesus Christ this year in all I say and do.

Monday, 3 January 2011

Watch or get Involved?

Do I watch or get involved? That is the question.

During the 6 months that I have lived in Perth I have watched more live sport than the rest of my life combined: I cheered on the West Coast Eagles despite them loosing in Aussie Rules; I shouted for Perth Glory despite them only managing a draw; I sat and ate whilst observing the Perth Warriors from the grassy banks of the WACA; I was captivated by the Hopman Cup tennis last night (even for all 7 hours!)

My father used to describe football as 22 tired men chasing a ball whilst thousands sat and watched who needed the exercise. I have discovered the more sport I watch does not improve my playing ability. I went for my post Christmas run today and was ashamed to realise I am not the sportsman of my imagination - infact I have got worse than last year!

Anyway enough about sport - what about life?

Are you going to spend another year watching others race around full speed or are you going to get up and make a give it a go yourself?

“The world is constantly changed by committed minorities and not by apathetic majorities...”