Saturday, 31 July 2010

A Game of life...

A classic board game for Nicky and I when we were kids.
Fun for the family to play together
Better than a nerf gun war
..were 3 of the reasons why we purchased the Simpson's Game of Life.

For our family time together on Friday night we keenly played the game of life twice - once before reading the rules and once after (the second game was better!)
Isaac loves the Simpson's and board games and in less than 24 hours has managed to clock up 8 games and is now begging me for another!

For those who have never played it, the Game of Life, has many twists and turns... you have a career and loose it, you buy a house and sell it, you raise kids and you pay bills (sound familiar?) The one who makes it to retirement with the most money wins.

How do you feel your actual life is playing out at present?
Where are you heading and what is it all about?

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


The wait is over. What felt like eternity has come to an end.

For those who prefer facts to feelings it has been 27 days, or 672 hours, or 40,320 minutes, or 2,419,200 seconds.

When I departed the shores of the UK one thing that I had to leave behind was my iphone - I now have the replacement!
Within minutes it was connected to my laptop and all the numbers, diary, notes, photos from the old installed upon it.

Is it just an incredibly useful tool for life?
Or is it a comfort blanket for a man in a time of change?

The belongings that we sent by container are still on the ship gently floating (we hope) in this direction. I am sure the whole family will love opening the boxes and beaming with glee as they are reunited with treasures and memories.
As for me, I am already sat in the corner lovingly playing with my 'toy' and Nicky is already complaining she has lost her husband again

Monday, 26 July 2010

24 hours

Lois had a fish tank for her birthday and over the past 2 weeks has brought 12 fish for it. Today I discovered one had died (drowned if that is possible?) and we sent it to fish heaven. I didn't realise that I would be doing so many funerals in Australia...throughout the day another 3 fish died.

Morning at church:
We had 47 people at the morning meeting, including 15 kids. A great time of worship where God spoke powerfully to us. Nicky thought it was best she has heard me preach! (Maybe she is just being encouraging?)

Sporty Afternoon:
I went down the park to get my first lesson in kicking an Aussie Rules Football. I felt for a soccer boy I did OK but I am sure I have broken my finger stopping one of Joel's attempts on goal!

Evening out:
Nicky and I celebrated 18 years of marriage by walking to the train station and catching a ride into Perth for a drink by the Swan River.

How was your day?
Who knows what today will hold?

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Soaring with Eagles!

Today our family has come out to declare our intention to be fans of the West Coast Eagles!

Whats does this mean?
We have brought an Aussie rules Football with their logo on it and Isaac has a tracksuit top bearing their brand.

Why this team?
I love the fact that despite being bottom of the ladder their web site still boldly declares their strap line 'WE BELIEVE!

I have been to see them play at the Subiaco Oval, when I went with Mark 2 weeks ago -and they almost won!

I guess it plays to my Britishness as I like to support the underdog (The West Coast Eagles have not won anything since 2006 and only look like getting the wooden spoon this year!)

Just to reassure you all despite my flirting with this club I am still a committed Arsenal man - so roll on the Premiership!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

What a splash!!!

Despite being winter it climbed above 20 degrees so all 3 kids jumped into the pool on my count...

It was cold and they didn't stay in but the first dip's done!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Second Attempt!

We prayed with and for Isaac (thanks to others who also did!) and school was much better today!

The older 2 don't wear shorts as it is winter - they will next term - but Isaac is already fitting in with Aussie way of life!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

School - the best days of your life?!

Today our 3 kids all went off to start at their new schools! (Yesterday we had managed to get Isaac a place at the school at the end of our road).

I agreed to drive Josh & Lois (partly they had to meet their new heads of year before school and also it is too far to walk and their bikes are still on the container .... but maybe I am just going soft watching them face their new challenge.)

On the way in the car they both calculated that this was their 6th first day at school. (Both moved schools when we relocated to plant in West London)

I admit that I a proud of them and how well they are doing - so I took them for an ice cream in Fremantle.

Isaac said I can take his photo after his first happy day at school so you will have to wait for his picture - sorry.

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Fighting the wildlife!

As a family went to Kings Park in the centre of Perth (only a 10 minute drive from our house) and had a picnic before Lois and Isaac took on the local wildlife.
20 degrees on a winters day - this is much better!

The terrain got much more dangerous when we ventured into the nearby animal park... we explored IKEA!

Fortunately I got away with just a scratch but am sure the pain and cuts will be much deeper when we have our own house to furnish.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

My own set of wheels!

Today we collected our second hand car from the garage!

I am now the owner of a Hyundai Trajet.
For those interested in the facts it is a 4 door, 7 seater, 2.7litre automatic wagon. I have cruise control and air conditioning that works.
I have even had the windows tinted ready for the summer! I can sit in the front seat - feels more like an arm chair - and roam where I please (petrol bill allowing)

The sad news is that I have to return the UTE (mind you I got a puncture in that this week so better give it back before I break it proper!)

I guess that like in the UK I will soon get a bike and so Nicky will have use of the car... but for this week I am all excited - even reading the handbook tonight!

Monday, 12 July 2010

New Baby!!

Just to let you all know that the saying 'new home new baby' has come true for us in Perth!

I am proud to announce that for her birthday Lois got a fish tank and 3 baby fish called Flash, Bubbles and Squirt. (We hope to add a few more tiddlers when the water has settled - in a couple of weeks)

It was nice to celebrate her birthday last week by going out for pizza and we made every effort to have a great family day together. However it is on occasions like this, when you realise how far away your friends are ... it feels even further when you have no phone and Internet connection!

I have ordered a phone and broadband for the rental home but have been warned that it may take up to 6 weeks before it us up and running. (Apparently in this state Western Australia the initials W.A. stand for Wait awhile!)

I now have my Australian drivers licence and medicard and am getting used to some of the cultural the moment everything takes a long time to do - which can be frustrating for a task man like myself.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

New Home

We have picked up our keys and have moved into our new home!!!!!

We have signed for 6 months on a rental property...we are due to move out on 6th January (how about that for bad planning!)

It is a great house - afraid we can't afford to buy it - but it will help us settle.
We have 4 bedrooms which is essential as Nicky's sister is lodging with us. We even have a swimming pool and there is an office. It is also very close to a school for Isaac.

To make it fun we are all going to sleep on the lounge floor tonight..also we have no beds. Suzanne's container is coming tomorrow between 7and 9am and we also have a fridge freezer being delivered on Thursday.

There are 2 down sides to the place - it has no dishwasher - so I have got a new pair of rubber gloves and there is no internet so I don't know when I can next blog!

Monday, 5 July 2010


I just wanted to let you all know that today we brought a car (a champagne coloured Nissan Trajet) which I should be able to collect in a few days. For those who like details it has a CD player, air conditioning, seats 7 and has 75,000km on the clock -sorry I don't have a clue how many miles that is!

We have also heard today that our offer on the rental home in Kardinya was accepted. We get the keys and hope to move in on Wednesday.... all of us plan to camp on the floor eager to wake up together to celebrate Lois' birthday on Thursday.
Suzanne (Nicky's sister) has her container of belongings from the UK being delivered on Thursday which has most things we need, though we will have to buy some essentials...kettle, fridge/ freezer, phone etc.

Another accomplishment today was school shopping: In Australia you have to buy all the equipment, including text and exercise books, your child needs to learn. Josh and Lois are very excited by the purchases and have packed their bags ready to start school in 2 weeks (after the holiday) but I still wonder where the $600 went!

Isaac has not yet got a school place so we will do the book and uniform shop when we know where he is going and they have given us the list to buy!

It is great getting all these jobs done - bring on tomorrow!!!!

Sunday, 4 July 2010

The First Sunday

Great to be with the church in Perth today. Everyone has been so welcoming!

We had a social with the cell group on Wednesday night. They graciously gave us a hamper they had complied with all things Australian made. On the evening they also gave us a test about Australia which we failed - so we have to stay and find out more about the country!

At the meeting today people were very receptive to us and they prayed for the family. It was good to preach on the church and I look forward to us chatting about this in the housegroup next Wednesday.

As a family we went for a walk along the beach this afternoon and saw some pelicans and the sunset below.

Thanks to everyone for their emails, blog comments and prayers - more appreciated than you realise!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Looking for a home...

The kids have been fantastic as we have trawled around looking for a home (It is Nicky and I that are at out wits end!)...

In what area should we stay?
What school can we get Isaac into?
Should we buy?
Should we rent?
Can we even get a mortgage?
What will the exchange rate be when we bring our house money across?

We have viewed rentals and houses to buy. We are planning to view some more tomorrow and Sunday.
We are staying at Mike & Marys house but must be out within 4 weeks which is when they return from the UK.

In the midst of this we are also looking at a possible car to buy tomorrow... so much fun all at once!

No need to panic yet - but all prayers and wisdom gratefully received!